Customer's Terms and Conditions

Purchasing an Item on LocalChefClub
When you shop from LocalChefClub, you are supporting local and independent chefs and businesses (Vendors) in your neighborhood. All Vendors on LocalChefClub have their own unique products, store policies and shipping methods.

By purchasing on LocalChefClub, you understand:

  • that you are buying directly from a Vendor and LocalChefClub provides a venue
  • that LocalChefClub does not endorse or guarantee any products or content posted by Vendors
  • the description of the item as well as the Vendor’s store policies
  • any dispute would have be to be resolved directly with the Vendor

Customer reviews
We encourage our customers to leave product reviews. Please avoid posting private information or obscene language in your reviews. LocalChefClub reserves the right to remove reviews that violate our policies.

To cancel an order, please contact the vendor directly. Each vendor has their email and phone number posted on their virtual store.

Returning an item
Each Vendor has his/her own return and exchange policy. Please contact the Vendor using the email address or phone number posted. Please note that some vendors do not accept returns.

Dispute resolution
If your order is not delivered as expected or advertised, we encourage you to contact the Vendor first and resolve any discrepancies with them directly. However, if the Vendor cannot resolve the issue, please send us an email including the order number and a description of the problem. We will do our best to ensure customer satisfaction.

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