What’s LocalChefClub? LocalChefClub is a marketplace connecting health/environmental conscious customers to local chefs, bakers, and small batch producers

Why LocalChefClub? LocalChefClub is simple to use, free, and with large clientele. It is absolutely risk free.

What if I already have an online store? Do I have to close it?  No, LocalChefClub gives you another avenue for sales and extends your reach. You do NOT have to close your online store or website. However, your own website will cost you annual maintenance, hosting, etc. LocalChefClub is absolutely FREE.

Does LocalChefClub maintain inventory? No, we do not maintain any inventory or purchase wholesale from our vendors

Can LocalChefClub manage my store? Yes, if you do not wish to manage your store, the LocalChefClub team can manage your store at a small fee. Contact info@LocalChefClub.com for fee schedule.

What kind of food does LocalChefClub promote? LocalChefClub promotes gourmet, small batch, locally sourced, and responsibly produced food. We strive to be the platform of choice for good quality and local gourmet food. However, we do have vendors who offer gourmet or ethnic food from other regions.

How much does it cost to setup a virtual store on LocalChefClub? Absolutely NOTHING. In fact, we can even do it for you free of charge.

Does LocalChefClub take any commission from sales? NO. We do not take any commission and the vendor gets the entire proceed. The only cost deducted from the sales proceeds is the transaction costs that will go directly to the credit card and processing companies (PayPal, Stripe). That amount is roughly 3%.

If the services are free, how does LocalChefClub make money? We generate revenue through advertisement, promotions, and coupon sales.

Do I need to know computer to setup a virtual store on LocalChefClub? No. The setup process is very easy and intuitive and if you have any problems, we are here 24/7 to help. You can even send us the pictures and description of your products and we will take care of the rest

Does LocalChefClub take care of shipping? We work with USPS for shipping. The customer pays for the shipping and we send the participating vendors the shipping label. However, we encourage our vendors to offer free shipping within Boston area.

Does LocalChefClub run ad campaigns for vendors? Yes, we constantly promote our vendors through social media and email ad campaigns.

How do I get paid? The payments are quite easy and automated. As soon as the vendor fulfills the order, the system automatically transfers the proceeds to the vendor via the processing company of vendor’s choice. Vendor’s often use PayPal. The transactions take literally seconds.

Where is LocalChefClub located? LocalChefClub is based in Westborough, Massachusetts.

Can I close my store at any time? Yes, you can cancel your store at any time. There is absolutely no cost associated with it.

Any other questions or concerns? Please email info@LocalChefClub.com

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